Biological Clear Aligners in Seattle, WA

Biological Clear Aligners in Seattle, WA

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Mar 04, 2024

Biological Clear Aligners in Seattle, WA

Biological Clear Aligner

  • Benefits of Biological Clear Aligners in Seattle, WA
  • How do Biological Clear Aligners Work?
  • The Process of Getting Biological Clear Aligners 
  • Maintenance and Care for Biological Clear Aligners

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Benefits of Biological Clear Aligners 

Biological Clear Aligners offer a host of benefits for those seeking a holistic, discreet and comfortable way to straighten their teeth. One advantage is that they are nearly invisible when worn, making them ideal for individuals who wish to maintain a natural appearance during treatment without the metals hindering your smile. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance without any dietary restrictions.

Another benefit is the reduced risk of gum irritation and mouth sores often associated with metal brackets and wires. The smooth plastic material used in biological clear aligners minimizes discomfort while providing effective teeth movement. Additionally, these aligners made of hypoallergic material that is BPA free, fluoride free, and metal free. 

Moreover, biological clear aligners can also improve overall oral hygiene as they can be easily removed. Unlike traditional metal braces, Biological Clear Aligners can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, making them more convenient for maintaining oral hygiene during treatment. When plaque accumulates around metal braces, it can leave a white ring on the teeth where the braces were once attached upon their removal. Additionally, if the plaque is not promptly removed, it can lead to the formation of cavities.

At Seattle Dental Care, our holistic dentist will evaluate your alignment progress during each visit, and personalize the alignment according to your progress.

How do Biological Clear Aligners Work?

Biological Clear Aligners work combining a series of custom-made, clear aligners and attachments on the teeth to shift teeth into the desired position gradually. Aligners are composed of hypoallergic material that is metal free and BPA free. The attachments on the teeth are ceramic material that is mercury free, metal free, BPA free, fluoride free, and toxin free.

Each set of aligners is worn for about one to two weeks based on your holistic dentist's recommendation. The pressure applied by the aligners helps move the teeth little by little until they reach their final corrected position.

Biological Clear Aligners offer a discreet and effective way to straighten teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires often associated with traditional braces.

The Process of Getting Biological Clear Aligners 

When considering getting biological clear aligners in Seattle, WA, the process typically starts with an initial consultation. During this appointment, a qualified orthodontist will examine your teeth and discuss your treatment goals. They will then determine if you are a suitable candidate for biological clear aligners.

If you are deemed eligible for treatment, the next step involves creating a customized treatment plan specifically tailored to address your individual needs. This plan may include digital impressions of your teeth to create a 3D model that will guide the alignment process.

Once the aligners are ready, you will receive a series of trays designed to gradually shift your teeth into their proper position over time. It's essential to wear these aligners as instructed by your orthodontist and attend regular check-up appointments throughout the treatment period.

With consistent wear and proper maintenance, you can achieve that straighter smile you've always wanted with biological clear aligners in Seattle! Call us to learn more.

Maintenance and Care for Biological Clear Aligners

Taking care of your biological clear aligners is crucial to ensure they work effectively and maintain their quality. To keep them clean, it's recommended to brush them gently with a toothbrush and rinse them in lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it can damage the aligners.

Additionally, remember to remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water to prevent staining or warping. Store them in their case when not in use to avoid misplacing or damaging them. It's essential to wear your aligners for the recommended amount of time each day for optimal results.

Regularly check your aligners for any cracks or damages that may affect their functionality. If you notice any issues, contact your dentist immediately for guidance on how to proceed. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your biological clear aligners continue to straighten your teeth effectively and comfortably throughout the treatment process.

As you can see, Biological Clear Aligners offer a natural and effective way to straighten your teeth while considering the overall health of your body. With their numerous benefits, convenient process, and easy maintenance, these aligners are a popular choice for those seeking a holistic approach to orthodontic treatment in Seattle, WA.

If you're looking for a more biocompatible option that goes beyond just straightening your teeth, Biological Clear Aligners might be the perfect solution for you. Consult with our qualified provider and dental team in Seattle to see if these aligners are suitable for your orthodontic needs and start your journey towards a healthier smile today.

Please contact our holistic dentist at Seattle Dental Care, in Seattle, WA, at (206) 728-1330 or visit us at 2107 Elliott Ave Ste 210, Seattle, WA 98121, to learn more about biological Invisalign. We will be happy to guide you further.

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