What to Expect on Initial Appointments

Posted by Seattle Dental Care Apr 14, 2023

Holistic Dentist in Seattle, WA

What to Expect on Initial Appointment with a Holistic Dentist

  • How long should I anticipate for my appointment? 
  • On Your First Visit

Many patients who visit our practice are looking for whole-body care because the mouth and body are connected. Our goal is to help patients investigate the root cause of the dental concerns, not just treat the symptoms. 

How long should I anticipate for my appointment? 

To better understand and care for patients, our holistic doctor will cover a lot of topics during your initial comprehensive exam. We inform patients to anticipate around 75-90 minutes of appointment time for comprehensive evaluation to discuss both dental and whole body health including health history, nutrition, oral cancer screening, saliva acidity testing, teeth and gum health evaluation, etc.

On Your First Visit

We also prioritize preventive care and patient education, helping patients understand how to best take care of their teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. Thus, during your initial hygiene appointment, we will also collect and analyze a small sample of the plaque under the microscope to better understand your oral microbiome. Our experienced hygienist will clean your teeth, and review oral hygiene techniques, and recommend customized care based on your oral biome, pH, and health history tailored to your needs.
At the end of your biological hygiene appointment , you will be given a personalized oral care plan which will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help you protect and maintain your oral health. This customized care can be as easy as adding an ingredient such as baking soda, or replacing your toothpaste with a fluoride free one such as hydroxyapatite toothpaste to remineralize teeth. He or she may also review your oral care routine, and recommend what type of toothbrush or flossing technique will best suit your health. We also recommend that you come in for regular check-ups to monitor your hygiene and bacteria progress and make sure that your oral health is improving. We are here to help you achieve and maintain your oral health goals.

At Seattle Dental Care, our team of dedicated naturopathic dentist will ensure that you receive the best care possible and that you understand the importance of preventive care and nutrition. If you're ready to experience the best biological dentistry, please contact holistic dentist Seattle.

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